Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saint Worship

The Italians are very passionate about their saints. Saint Francis or San Francesco presumably performed some of his miracles in the mountains ( miracle of the water?) surrounding us. There are numerous statues here of him. We had a tour of the town last night learning quite a bit of the history from Pascale, the director that lives here. The convent used to be very ornate but was plundered after Napoleon took over the country in 1805 shutting down all the convents and monasteries. The kids came on the walk too but their talking amongst themselves was very distracting. It isn't a walled town but it could be shut down so no invaders could come in at night.

The mystery of why my buddy Jack McCarthy seemed so familiar to me: he was an anchorman for Channel 7 and for Channel 2 for many years. In the late 60s, I would watch the local news as nothing us was on and I could name all the local anchors-Bill Bonds, Jack Kelly, etc. I had forgotten about Jack but I remembered his face. Now I don't think I can name any of the anchors as I never watch the local news.

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