Monday, July 28, 2008

night on the mountain

I've been away from the computer for 4 days. Friday was spent taking exams. Not sure why I should care what I get but I worried about them anyway. I did get an A in Italian but have no idea about the movie one, which took me 2 hours to do. After the exams, we were taken by bus deeper into the park (We are in the Parco di Sirente) to see the crater of Secinaro going way up in elevation. They think the meteor hit 1500 years ago though it just looked like a watering hole for the cattle that was there. They gave us some of the history of Secinaro, where my roommate Dana's mom grew up, how before Christianity, they had these pagan dances in the nude (this might explain Dana's wild behavior). We then went to a campground where the brigande di Secarino made us dinner. Very good with all homemade food, wine and Ratafia (cherry liquor made locally) A good time.

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