Friday, July 18, 2008


We had our big test this morning. I don't think I made any mistakes. Last night the 17 year old Laura came in my room to help me study. Since I think I am the 2nd best student-at least in memorizing vocabulary and grammar-the Italians are much better at pronunciation (she is the best) I am not sure why she selected me other than I was alone (the others were getting drunk). I encouraged her to change to the advanced class. She grew up in an Italian speaking home and took 2 years of high school grammar. What we are doing is very elementary to her. She doesn't quite fit in with the college girls with their drunkness and public fornicating ways ( not all of them-some are OK like my pal Kelly). She is stunningly beautiful-those kids must be so jealous of her and she is so much more on the ball. She is doing great in our graduate level cinema class where I am flailing. She is the same age as Naomi and needless to say, there are some contrasts...
Two of my roommates returned drunk at 2 am. Very hard to sleep through that. Although one of them thought she knew everything, she froze taking the test and left almost everything blank.
I do need to design an independent class. I want to be an apprentice to Antonietta our cook. She is very hard to understand-absolutely no inglese but she must speak in a regional accent on top of that. I do understand some people when they speak the perfect textbook Italian. Also Antonietta seems pretty crabby and insists on the best in her kitchen. But she has the perfect taste for things and makes wonderful sauces, soups and vegetables. Until I can handle her Italian, I have been buttering her up. She just had a grandson this week who will visit here later today. Her husband owns the Bar and brought down champagne for us all when little Frederico was born Tuesday.
Tomorow we leave for Napoli at 5:30 am.

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