Friday, July 18, 2008

La Bella Figura

I always thought the above referred to a beautiful Italian thin woman in designer clothes but apparently it is a lifestyle that all are to aspire to have. I had asked Rafaele, the director, if the locals were offended by us women at the 'Bar' as only the men here go there. It is their big, social hangout. The women go to each others houses. Rafaele said that they have 'la bella figura' which confused me as that 1. they are men 2. they are not good looking and 3. their clothes all look like they come from a goodwill bin- e.g. purple polyester, torn t-shirts with randomn English words, etc. He meant they had manners and realize that Americans are different but they need to make us feel welcome. We go there everyday before lunch for a cappuccino (€.9)and later for drinks. Yesterday we tried the 'Centerbe' 100 herbs made locally. Very tough to drink straight but OK diluted with the local orange juice, which is always from blood oranges. I drank the limonecello instead-sweeter and tastier.

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