Wednesday, July 16, 2008

La Festa Italiana

Who has a party on a Tuesday night? The Italians, of course. We are all invited but since it was not to start until 11, which by Italian time would be midnite or one, Joann and I passed. But Dana and Nancy went to fill us in. Part of the feature was a huge pasta pot. By 3 am, the water still hadn't boiled yet and it was abandonned. They grilled sheep (arrosticcini?) and sausages and had plenty of wine and fireworks, which Joann and I could watch from our bedroom. Since it was at 2 am, sleep was impossible and the kids came home drunk and extremely loud. A couple of them were seen publically fornicating. Very few kids made it to class this morning. I wanted to get a pair of cymbals and clang them in their inconsiderate ears. The powers that be decided that we weren't interacting enough with the students from Italy and last night changed alot of the rooms mixing us up. Fortunately we ladies over forty were exempt.

We have alot of homework. In the evening, Nancy, Dana and I work on the Italian class together lying on our beds although tonight we have to include Drew for a group project. Joann was moved to the advanced class. Tonight is also movie night cutting into our free time.

I ran towards Secinaro again yesterday afternoon. It would be a 5 mile round trip-an easy run if it were in Gallup Park but the elevation goes up 500 feet or so. On the steepest sections, I need to walk but it's downhill going back to Gagliano.

One of the Italian Sheepdogs limps on 3 legs throughout the town. It's a special breed here-looks like a curly white afghan hound. There is a town donkey the kids have been feeding apples to. We sometimes can hear it braying in the morning. "I'm going to kick that donkey's ass' says Dana. People here just like to hang in public spaces-there are plenty of places to sit. Yesterday during the day, there was a funeral and the bell rang for 10 minutes straight while we were in class. The whole town walked behind the hearse to the graveyard.
Everyone hates the bells which are about 20 feet from our window and ring 4 times an hour day and night. One bell rings the hour and this tinnier sounding bell rings the quarter hour so at 12:45 twelve of the one bell and 3 of the other. Lots of bells.

Time for cinema class.

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