Monday, July 21, 2008


The road up the hill

I've found a more detailed map of the area showing another road from Gagliano going up the mountain to another monstery. It is not clear whether it is still there. The road is paved but noone has probably driven on it in years. Joann, Dana and I hiked it yesterday but still didn't make it to the top. It was too hot to spend more than 2 hours on the hike. Great views of both Gagliano and Castelvecchio. Joann is a botany expert and was able to identify alot of the wildflowers. Lots of wild clematis. Also many varieties of thistles.

Today I was looking in someone's vegetable garden thinking I was looking at the thistle from hell as the flower was 5 inches across. It was an artichoke that had gone to flower. Brillant purple. The plant was not much more than a foot tall. The artichoke plants I've seen previously were taller than me and not even fully mature.

It was movie night again last night but they didn't get started until past 10 to accomodate the people who stayed in Naples-most had gone to Sorrento. We saw 'Respiro' meaning ' I breathe' Hard to watch as there was lots of violence towards animals-particularly dogs. It was about a very dysfunctional peasant family in Lampedusa-a very small Italian island close to Africa. The local Italians not understand the dialect. We had subtitles. But lots of beautiful scenery and imagery. The kids really hated it probably due to the dog violence. The kids have been very concerned that Dave seems to be missing and were happy to hear that he was with me this morning galloping down the mountain. Quite the sight. Not sure if he found his way back yet.

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