Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i cinghiali

Today my run was BOARing. I decided to run to Secinaro even though it is uphill. Dave ran with me to the outskirts of town and must have decided that he doesn't like to go uphill and turned around. I have decided that he is quite young as his teeth are so white. Elena had reported seeing a wolf outside of Secinaro and indeed about half a mile west of the village, I thought I saw it cross the road in front of me. While I was stopped, a huge boar walked across the road only 30 feet in front of me. He didn't look my way. I remember a scene from the Thornbirds in which Rachel's brother was killed by a boar in the outback so I was a tad concerned. There was a 2 foot wall near me. I don't know if they can jump. I guess I could have climbed a tree but they were pretty spindly. I then ran to the outskirts of town and turned around. On the way down, a pack of boars walked across the road. Big boar was not one of them so I assume the pack consisted of 3 or 4 adult females and 10 young ones of different ages. Again they paid no attention to me. During the park talk yesterday, they said the boars are destroying the balance around here. I can't imagine that they have left any truffles to find.
Yesterday we didn't have much homework so after class, Nancy and I shared wine sitting on the piazza. Very pleasant.
Today we got a lesson on Italian table manners. If you eat a piece of fruit such as a peach, you are to cut it up in little pieces and then eat with a fork not bite into the whole fruit. At dinner I ate a peach the American barbarian way. They do have good peaches here.

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