Thursday, July 31, 2008

più di cinghiali

Yesterday's climb to Secarino left me exhausted. I awoke in the middle of the night with severe charlie horses. I think I am dehydrated. There is some water crisis here. The water coming out of the communal spring is a mere trinkle. We are getting a lecture on it tomorrow.

So I ran, without Dave, to Castelvecchio, downhill this morning. I saw a small 'sounder' of boars: two adult females and 5 bambini going across the road about 100 feet away back into the mountains. Once I ran down to their crossing spot, I stopped and heard them rustling in the brush. They stopped moving. I couldn't see them at all but suddenly a big one snorted. She sounded like she was right next to me but the brush was too dense to see her. My boar seeing days may be coming to an end. There is an 'avviso' in the main square about a boar abatement program this week by the forestali. I assume they are shooting them but I haven't heard any gunshots. I did look up death by boars. It seems rare. There was a case in which the Palestinians in Samaria accused the Jews of releasing wild boars on them. I also looked up Italian sheepdogs. Dave is a Maremmo sheepdog bred to guard the flocks against wolves. They are quite large, brave, fierce and protective. They also have alot of stamina for a dog being able to run for hours. Dreadlock dog is also a sheepdog particular to the Abruzzo region. Sounds like marachesco-forgot to write it down. He is much smaller.
Many of the kids were gone last night so it was quiet until they noisily returned at 2 am. Some of them arranged the chairs in the courtyard to read 'F*CK' if viewed from above. Real respectful. One brought walnut liquor, locally produced, to breakfast. Very tasty. Busy night tonight between wine tasting, studying for tomorrow's Italian test, and movie night. While Nancy and I were walking to the Bar for our cappucino break, I found a €5 note. A lucky day.

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