Thursday, August 21, 2008

Music of Italy

This song, Bella Ciao, (to listen: I heard on several occasions while in Italy. Everyone knew the words and would pump their fists into the sky at the words Bella Ciao. It is an old Yiddish tune that the words were changed to be the anthem of the partisans who fought in the mountains against fascism. Basically, the singer knows he will die fighting for liberty and wants to be buried under the beautiful mountain flowers so it's a beautiful goodbye.

Next song by this Irish-Italian folk group Modena City Ramblers for the anti mafia movie we saw "i cento passi" The hundred steps refers to how far the mafia was from this family's door.

And finally, a popular song L'Italiano with the common refrain, Sono l'italiano vero-I'm the true Italian that I heard in several places including the movie about Albanians wanting to immigrate to Italy were singing it.

I wish I could figure out the band I listened to the second to the last night. They were really good. I will ask the kids and see if they are on youtube too. The band the last night played tired renditions of 'Knights in white satin".

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