Monday, August 4, 2008

il cane Dave

Yesterday I spent too much time looking for Dave to feed him the porkchop. I hardly saw any of the usual stray dogs and was afraid that they must have had a huge clean up of all the dogs to kill them. I had heard a bunch of barking at 5:30 am. Dana the night before was questioning the locals on what will happen when Dave can't get up anymore, he has a bad hip from a car accident and they said nothing but I was afraid they thought that they should do something now, like kill him. But at 9 pm, he finally surfaced and enjoyed his pork chop.

On my run this morning I saw a roe deer. They are very tiny about the size of a one month old whitetail fawn. A roebuck tops out at 60 lbs compared to the Michigan white tail stag that usually weighs 300 pounds. I didn't seem to scare it-it just stared at me. On the cross country portion of my run, which I mostly walk due to steepness and uneven ground, a fox darted by.

My rash is a little better but now it is purple. Only us old farts got it but I have the worse case by far. Fortunately it doesn't itch. It looks quite hideous..

I spent 4 hours yesterday doing my 'group' project-a group of one but Jack will do whatever I tell him. I thought I should do this first but now I hear the final paper is due Wednesday-not next Monday and many of the nights are full of mandatory activities. Elena said I could have until Friday now. Joanne, my one roommate, has been quite ill. I really hope I don't catch whatever she has. My Italian class should be renamed 'remedial' Italian. I really think my French class in 8th grade was taught at a faster pace and I remember a good portion of it. I have just been studying on my own.

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