Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goriano Escher sketch

Apparently M. Escher, one of my favorite artists, came down to Abruzzo often to draw its hilltowns. They must have given him the idea for his impossible staircases. Anyway, the above sketch is of Goriano, last night's town, which is about 10 miles away where the town gave us a tour and dinner. We did climb to the top to the church pictured. The town lacks a castle; the church was built over the ruins of one. We had missed the town's Sangra featuring Neapolitan pizza and thought they would serve us that but no, just pasta and proscuitto and lots of wine. They provided a DJ for dancing until midnight. This one was quiet but he featured lots of salsa. The locals there joined with the kids instead of staring at us from the side like they did in Vittorito. The town has a very impressive fountain featuring dolfins.

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